Self Adhesive Labeling Machine sold to Sehat

By | March 25, 2016

About two months ago when we received a request from a hygienic company called “Sehat” in Iran for a self adhesive labeling machine capable of labeling on small plastic shampoo bottles  normally used for hotels , we were faced with a challenging work in providing a machine which can do the job. We have already provided them with a wrap around self adhesive PL-501WA labeling machine a few years ago. The machine has been working for round products without requiring any parts or services since installation.

PL-501 Labeling Machine

PL-501 Labeling Machine

Although the customer had another brand of two sided labeling machine since then, because of not being able to use that machine for this purpose, he asked Shenazh Peyk to provide a machine that can do the job.

We offered them our two sided labeling machine for this purpose and after technical approval by their engineering department, the labeling machine was installed in their factory on back in December 2015.

The machine was tested for a speed of plus 100 bottles per minutes at the customer’s site. The above speed was only achieved by using speed of FOUR for conveyor. The PL-622TS  labeling machine is defined with speed range of 1 to 8 for conveyor and can reach to speed of 33 meters per minute. It has PLC controlled units with sophisticated PCB and HMI at a touch of a finger.

PL-622 Labeling Machine

PL-622 Labeling Machine

Before this installation a total of above 150 units have been installed and in operation in different factories ranging from pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hygienic, chocolate, chemical, etc.

After working for nearly a month in three shifts, the customer was so happy with the labeling machine that he ordered a second similar machine at the end of January 2016.

The second machine was installed in matter of two weeks’ time in mid February 2016 and the labeling has been going on since then. The PL-622TS labeling machine apart from other standard features which are foreseen in the machine is equipped with two inclined applicators which are very helpful when labeling an oval or not a flat side product is to be labelled.

In these cases the angel of applicators can be adjusted precisely to match the shape of the bottle in order to label a clean and free of wrinkle every time. The inclined angel applicators are a unique feature and only are included in PL-622TS making it capable of labeling any unusual shaped products which other labeling machines can seldom used to label them.

Self adhesive labeling machines sold and installed by Shenazh Peyk are robust and industrial friendly which can be used over years after years without need of any parts or services.

After installation of these machines, we are very happy that we have received the order for a third machine which is in production stages and expected to be delivered and installed sometime in mid June 2016.

The above is a strong proof about the quality and capabilities of our self adhesive labeling machines that every time a unit has been installed, the customer has been happy with the quality and ease of operation of the machine that further orders have been placed in matter of months afterwards.

It pays to state that purchasing a Self adhesive labeling machine is a very delicate operation that every customer should take into account. The price paid for the machine should be based on quality, already installed list of customers, maintenance & service cost etc. and not on the only the price paid for the initial unit. This will save the customer a lot of money and time if the above is taken into account when it comes to putting an order.

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