De-Pucking Systems


Automatic Puck Container Handling, De-Pucker & Puck Return System


Filling & capping bottles in pucks is growing in popularity as users realise that it is by far the best way to minimise changeover times. Bottle size changes can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. Universal Filling Machine Company designs and manufactures these systems to meet individual customer requirements. Our unique system has the smallest foot print and requires no more space than a conventional filling line.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate time consuming adjustments required when changing from one sized bottle to another.
  • Reduce down time caused by errors in setting.
  • Increase line speeds due to improved container stability.
  • Reduce operator fatigue with easier co-ordination from equally spaced containers.
  • Improved quality of finished product.
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Handles a wide range of container sizes without the need for change parts.
  • 0 - 150 bottles per minute


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