Compact Hot Foil Printer

Coding Machine For Expiry Date Printing etc.

Compact Hot Foil PrinterCompact range of Hot Foil printers are widely recognised as probably the most reliable and efficient coding machines available on the market today. The machines are compact, reliable and robust. They offer an exceptionally high print quality with a wide range of options that suit most applications. Options include extended reach and low print run models for restricted spaces. An IP65 version is available, designed to work consistently within dusty and wet environments.
Compact Power ModuleCompact Control Module

Compact Hot Foil Printer Features

  • Print areas ranging from 38mm x 25mm through to 50mm x 30mm
  • Extended reach options
  • Comprehensive range of clip-in type holders
  • Flexible character print format layouts
  • All version have quick foil change magazines
  • Foil run out warning systems as standard
  • Patented foil indexing system that minimised foil waste
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Looking For a Labelling Machine?

A Hot Foil printer can be installed on our labelling machines for printing Expire Date etc. before labelling.

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