Vacufill Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Level Filling Machine

Vacufill Vacuum Level Filling Machine

This machine offers a more compact alternative to the proven Easifill concept of vacuum filler. With a small footprint, this bench-top model can be easily moved from one work place to another, to provide all of the benefits of vacuum filling in a convenient package. It is available in either compressed air vacuum inducer, or electric motor variants, and is particularly suited to smaller bottle sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Low maintenance - no moving parts on vacuum inducer model
  • No container - no fill, for zero spillages
  • Drip free filling
  • Constant fluid level for optimum presentation
  • Tool-free speed and fill adjustment


  • Fills free flowing liquids into rigid containers to predetermined level
  • Available format: 1 or 2 heads
  • Dispensing volumes: from 1ml
  • Filling Speeds: Up to 40 b.p.m.
  • Level accuracy: +/- 0.5mm can be achieved
  • Food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel contact parts.
  • Stainless steel feed pipes with non-return valves for drawing liquid from floor level supply vessel


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