Sleevit Sleeving Machines

Sleeving Machines

Sleevit System Range

Sleevit installations generally consist of the two elements of Sleeve Application in conjunction with Sleeve Shrinking. The Sleevemaster Range of Sleeve Applicators are designed to accept bottles, jars or tubs from the production line and accurately position decorative or tamper evident sleeves. The sleeved products then move to the shrinking machine for the final step. Shrinkmaster shrinking tunnels apply controlled amounts of heat in a manner specific to the product concerned.


Round, Square, Cylindrical

Sleevit sleeving machines can effectively sleeve almost any shape of product, from large square ice cream tub containers to small items such as lipsticks and eyeliner pencils.

Soft, Fresh, Frozen

Sleevit processes are compatible with all container types and will not affect the product contained within. Even delicate or temperature sensitive goods can be sleeved at up to production line speeds. Soft lipstick, fresh milk, frozen foods and chocolate are all unaffected by the sleeving and shrinking processes specially designed for more delicate products.


Sleeving can provide very high quality decoration in a range of materials, applicable to almost any shape of container. Sleeving will improve scuff resistance and reduce inventory costs. Tamper Evident sleeving offers a high level of product security, essential to ensure product quality and consumer confidence. Product handling, spacing and conveyor modules are also available as part of the range, allowing entire production line systems to be put together.

Tamper Evident Sleeving Machines

ModelMax LayflatProduct size range (mm)Speed (ppm)
SleeveMaster Lite165mm20-100 dia. lids & capsup to 60
SleeveMaster165mm20-100 dia. lids & capsup to 100

Full Body Sleeving Machines

ModelMax LayflatProduct size range (mm)Speed (ppm)
SleeveMaster SL400190mm50-120 dia. containersup to 400
SleeveMaster SL125135mm20-85 dia. containersup to 180


ShrinkMaster machines are engineered to apply the optimum heat to ensure repeatable quality finished products with no distortion to artwork and, in the case of Tamper Evident sleeves, perfect secure seals. Hot air, steam and Infrared heating methods are available, and can be specified on the basis of the product requirements - some products are sensitive to heat for instance, and so a sympathetic shrinking technology would be specified in these cases.

Tamper Evident Shrinking Tunnels

ModelMax PowerTypeSpeed (ppm)
ShrinkMaster Lite7 KwTotal loss T/Eup to 100
ShrinkMaster R4503-4 KwRecirculating T/Eup to 100
ShrinkMaster R75012 KwRecirculating T/Eup to 300

Full Body Shrinking Tunnels

ModelMax PowerTypeSpeed (ppm)
ShrinkMaster R75012 KwRecirculating hot airup to 100
ShrinkMaster R150018 KwRecirculating hot airup to 200