CC100 Coding Head

CC100 Coding Head
  • A compact reciprocating contact ink coder
  • Uses rubber rib type and quick drying inks
  • Can also be used with 'Pulsar' inking system
  • Instant handling with specially formulated quick drying inks
  • Simple to install, control and maintain
  • Pneumatic or electronic controller available
  • Used for date, batch and colour coding

CC100 Coding Head Features

  • Compact ink coder
  • Robust with gentle touch
  • Interchangeable print sizes
  • Prints on or off line on product, carton or label
  • Pneumatic operation

CC100 Coding Head Applications

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food product packaging
  • Paper, card, plastic
  • Metal, glass

CC100 Coding Head Specifications

  • Dimensions 190x110x200mm
  • Coding pressure 10 to 20 psi

CC100 Coding Head Video

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