Beltorque ™ Capping and Pressing

Automatic Belt Cap Tightening Machine

Beltorque ™ Capping Machine

The Beltorque ™ patented system uses 2 sets of lateral belts (unlike similar systems that use multi-station discs and spindles to screw and tighten caps) ensuring the belts are in contact with the caps long enough to apply highly accurate and repeatable levels of torque. Outputs, with the option of fully automatic cap placement, are up to 300 caps per minute.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility to adapt to a large variety of closures and containers
  • Accurate measurement of torque
  • Quick single point adjustments for torque while equipment is running
  • No scuffing of closures
  • Reject rate of cross thread below 0.4%, compared with approximately 2% with other similar technologies


  • Cap sizes from 8mm - 120mm
  • Container diameters from 12mm - 175mm
  • Can be installed over any conveyor height of 900mm
  • Robust stainless steel frame
  • Variable speed AC motor

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