Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Systems

Omni-line Plastic Bottle Unscrambling System

The established line of Pace bottle handling equipment has been designated Omni-line. These machines have earned a world-wide reputation for reliability, versatility and performance. Omni-line machines are universally-suited for production in all packaging industries, most notably in: beverage, bottled water, food, personal and household products, motor oil and bottle decorating.

Industries Served

Dairy Bottles


Since 1997, Pace has sold over 120 Omni-line Unscrambling Systems to the Dairy industry worldwide. The Omni-line unscramblers are excellent at handling PET and HDPE single serve bottles at rates up to 600 bottles per minute. Pace's experience, market leadership, performance and reliability is renowned within the dairy industry.

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Water Bottles

Bottled Water

Pace belongs to the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) and has attended the IBWA trade shows since 1994. The Omni-line unscramblers are used by many water bottlers domestically and internationally. Water bottlers can rely on Pace to meet their unscrambling needs.

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Juice Bottles


The juice and beverage market is Pace's largest market. The Omni-line unscramblers can handle the wide variety of juice bottles, including: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, etc. The unscramblers are capable of handling multiple bottle formats on the same machine and can feed bottles up to 600 bottles per minute.

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Food Bottles


Pace's Omni-line unscrambling systems are well established within the food industry. As the industry changed from glass to plastic bottles, Pace was there to ease the transition. Pace's all stainless steel construction and heavy duty design together with its versatility in handling a wide variety of bottle formats and materials make Omni-line and obvious choice for the industry.

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Detergents & Industrial Cleaners Bottles

Detergents & Industrial Cleaners

Pace was founded in 1968 to produce an automatic plastic bottle unscrambler for Woolite and other cleaning products. Pace has a long standing relationship with packagers of detergent and household cleaners. Major corporations such as Clorox, Reckitt & Colman and Benckiser rely on Pace to unscramble their diverse range of plastic bottles. Pace's Omni-line unscramblers and orientors are extremely versatile and capable of running many different bottle shapes and bottle configurations.

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Car Care Bottles

Car Care

The car care industry is constantly changing its bottle designs and configurations. The Omni-line unscramblers can handle the wide variety of bottles in the car care market: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, F-styles and long necked bottles. We have customers in this industry that unscramble over 40 bottle formats on the same machine; quick changeover and built in versatility are standard with Pace machinery.

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Soaps & Lotions Bottles

Soaps & Lotions

Many personal care companies and their contract packers rely on Pace's Omni-line unscrambling systems to handle their wide variety of bottle formats. The personal care industry is exploding with new products that require bottle unscrambling equipment and Pace with its experience and world-renown machinery, is at the forefront of supplying high quality unscramblers with fair pricing.

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Hair Care Bottles

Hair Care

Pace's Omni-line unscramblers are being used by many of the large shampoo and conditioner producers. New bottle styles with decorated and sleeved labels are easily handled by Pace machinery. As bottle shapes, sizes and materials change, the Pace unscrambler versatility really shines. You can have confidence that even the most decorated bottles will be feed with the utmost care.

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Motor Oil Bottles

Motor Oil

Ever since the motor oil industry changed from composite containers to plastic containers, Pace has enjoyed worldwide market leadership. Almost every major domestic and international oil company utilizes Pace machinery to handle its unscrambling needs. The Omni-line machines can handle a wide range of bottle formats and are capable of running quart oil bottles over 400 bottle per minute.

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Decorating Bottles

Bottle Decorating

Pace serves the bottle decorating industry by supplying unscramblers to feed bottle decorators. The machines can be configured to feed upright or horizontal bottles, depending upon the individual needs of The customers. Fast, "tooless" changeover and flexibility in feeding a wide variety of bottle containers make Pace's Omni-line unscramblers a popular choice within the industry. Decorators can have confidence that each bottle will be handled with the utmost care.

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Pharmaceutical Bottles


Pace has produced its Pharma-line series of plastic bottle unscramblers to meet the specialized requirements of the pharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, vitamin and nutraceutical markets. Pharma-line is made to Pharmaceutical GMP standards and can be fitted with an inline ionized air rinse station for bottle cleaning. Pharma-line unscramblers are easy to clean, maintain and changeover. Pace strives to serve the Pharmaceutical industry with the best unscrambler on the market for their bottle range. Recently, Pace introduced a new "No Change Parts" option that minimizes dead time due to change over.

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