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Coding Head And Capping

Coding Head

Reciprocating Contact Coding Head

The CC100 coding head was designed by Cap Coder in 1979, and is a tribute to the integrity of the design that it has been copied across the world with virtually no alteration to the basic mechanism.

CC100 Coding Head

CC100 Coding Head

Reciprocating ink coding unit known as the 'gentle touch' coder.

Compact and inexpensive contact coding at low pressure of 10 to 20 psi. Controlled by a Cap Coder control module, or customers PLC.

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Capping Machines

Cap Coder manufactures a range of capping machines for all types of applications, from simple bench top cap tightening applications to complete fully automatic filling, plugging and capping operations.

Cap Coder can also supply their torque heads for customers and machine builders to incorporate into their own capping equipment.

All machines and equipment are manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 build standard and CE marked.

They are also supplied complete with a Certificate of Conformity / Incorporation, depending on the application.

CC570 Cap Tightening Machine

CC570 Cap Tightening Machine

An economical, on-line, fully automatic Cap Tightening Machine, for containers from 25ml to 1 litre size.

Options for press-on and ROPP caps.

Looking For a Labelling Machine?

A Hot Foil printer can be installed on our labelling machines for printing Expire Date etc. before labelling.

Top Labeling Machines

Wrap Around Labeling Machines

Top And Bottom Labeling Machines

Front And Back Labeling Machines