PPC Vacuum Conveyors

Your first choice for the Conveying of Pharmaceuticals and Pigments


PPC pneumatic pharma conveyors from Volkmann were especially developed for all those applications, which require top quality materials, surfaces and characteristics of all parts, which come in contact with the conveyed materials. They are mainly used inside Pharmaceutical and Color/Lacquer industries because of their separator elements being built in a one-piece design - an optimum for such applications with frequent product changes, which require a quick reliable absolute cleaning of the Process machinery to prevent contamination of products. PPCs superior manufacturing quality and their gap-free design fulfils highest quality demands. Nevertheless, they are easily taken into pieces by hand without tools and can be cleaned quickly and can be sterilized.

The design is completely electrical conductive, free of gaps and doesn't have any inaccessible spaces where the product might remain. PPC conveyors come with a huge butterfly valve at the discharge, which can be taken to pieces without tools.

PPC Vacuum Conveyors are offered as pre-configured units regarding the individual application. They are available in the diameters 170, 250, 315 and 450 mm. You can choose from different Pharma- or electrical-conductive filter systems (e.g. for the feeding of products into Zone 0 of reactors). Special coatings or clamp modules are available upon your request.

Five different standard sizes of PPCs available:

  • PPC 170
  • PPC 170 K (very compact, low height)
  • PPC 250
  • PPC 315
  • PPC 450
Vacuum conveyor PPC170K

Picture: Vacuum conveyor PPC170K with adaptor module, for the feeding of powders into a tablet press, with vacuum and air shock clamp connections.

One-piece separator container:

AISI 316 L, electro-polished or mirror polished, Ra < 0, 8 μm (< 0, 5 μm), free of gaps, all accessible

GMP design, lightweight, easy to handle, for perfect assembling/disassembling by hand without tools and optimum cleaning. Nevertheless durable for long-life operation.

Absolute minimum of parts in contact with the conveyed product

Filter modules for quick change operation, long lasting and cleanable filters, sintered FDA-approved HD-PE material, stainless steel filters, PTFE coated cartridges, HEPA filters available.

Conveying capacities from 100 kg/h up to 6 t/h

Lightweight and easy to clean butterfly valves at the product discharge, all metal parts with product contact in AISI 316 L

The first Vacuum Conveyors according to ATEX!


All vacuum conveyors of the VR and PPC series are ATEX certified in accordance with directive 94/9/EG for the Explosioni Zones 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22.

EC-type examination certificate No. TÜV 02 ATEX 7005 X. For safe operation special terms/conditions apply.II 1 D c 80°C / II 2 GD 100°C Special Conveyors for Zone 0 available.

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