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Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite

Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite

The introduction of the Sleevit SleeveMaster Lite sleeving machines highlighted a requirement for a shrinking tunnel to match, in terms of price and performance.

Sleevit designers have used the performance of the leading industrial heater in a fully adjustable and insulated package that is capable of shrinking any product handled by the Sleevit Lite range of Applicators.

ShrinkMaster Lite tunnels are adjustable in width so they can be mounted on Sleevit or customers conveyors and adjustable in height and angle to suit the product and sleeve position. They are also available on an adjustable floor stand.

Precautions are taken to protect the operator including insulation and mesh cladding and provision for an exhaust duct.

The insulated carcass minimises heat losses and gives quick heat up times and is made entirely from Stainless Steel. ShrinkMaster Lite tunnels are just one of the Sleevit range of Sleeve Applicators, Electric and Steam Shrink Systems and product handling devices which form part of the widest range of sleeving systems available in Europe.

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