Sleeving Machine

Sleevit SleeveMaster SL400

Sleeving Machine - SleeveMaster SL400

Sleevit designers have applied the same principles of easy to set up and run, minimum change parts and high quality that made Sleevit a leading supplier of sleeving machines, to its High Speed Sleeve Labeller range.

This brings full production Sleeve Labelling at up to 400 per minute, while being easy to set up and run, and tolerant of sleeve thicknesses and product spacing.

SL400 machines are compact and occupy just 610mm of line length. They can accommodate 600mm dia.+ sleeve reels, which can be mounted in a variety of sleeve configurations.

In "Sleeve Label" mode, glass, metal and plastic containers up to 300mm high can be sleeved with artwork cut accurately in register.

A full range of product handling systems, options and conveyors is available, as is the ShrinkMaster S2000 range of modular steam tunnels capable of shrinking at speeds to match the performance of the SL400. All designed and built in our own factory and supported by the engineers who build them.

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