Sleeving Machine

Sleevit SleeveMaster SL & SL125

Sleeving Machine - SleeveMaster SL & SL125

The new Sleevit SleeveMaster SL Primary Decoration or Sleeve Labelling machine brings this important and innovative decoration technique to large and small producers alike.

The well proven technology has been brought bang up to date with new Servo Drive motors and PLC controlled logic in a fully integrated and guarded package for the application of sleeves to all types of product up to 85 mm diameter.

The Sleevit SleeveMaster SL can apply sleeves to round and non-round shapes in register with the container using patented techniques to accurately deliver the sleeve.

Change parts are low cost and quick to replace and a minimum amount of operator training is required.

SleeveMaster SL labellers are mounted astride a conveyor and provide all the elements of product separation, timing, sleeve application and line control in a compact package that is quick and easy to set. All you need to add is the product.

This model does not compromise either the quality or reliability of application but is aimed at the lower volume manufacturer who can enjoy the benefits of our award winning technology at a budget price. Beyond that, the SL400 sleeve labeller will enable larger volume producers to benefit from innovative design and fast changeovers all with a full range of options.

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